Bradley Cooper told how he quarantined with his daughter Lea

Having parted, 45-year-old Bradley Cooper and 34-year-old Irina Shayk agreed on joint custody of their daughter Lea, and the former lovers did it peacefully, without going to court and without resorting to lawyers. After her parents split up, Leia spends time with her mother and father: when one of the parents is busy at work, the girl is taken away by the other. Thus, the three-year-old daughter of the couple spent quarantine time with her star father. In an interview, the actor told how their self-isolation went.

I was with my daughter, my mother, and two dogs and we did not leave the house. We live in a small townhouse. Fortunately, there is a backyard there. And, it is as if I worked in a kindergarten where there was only one child,

- he shared.

The actor added that he taught his daughter to swim in quarantine without leaving the house.

We got up and went swimming in the bathtub,

- he told.

Bradley Cooper rarely talks openly about personal. But last year he frankly told Ellen DeGeneres how having a daughter changed him a lot.

It allowed me to accept my childhood "I" without any fear or judgment. For example, I can play with toys all day long and not feel as if I am doing something strange. Or I can watch cartoons endlessly and not think that I am wasting my life,

- he confessed.

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