Will New York be another ghost city in the United States?

In New York, which the Americans were proud of until recently, there is chaos and fear, from which the locals are fleeing en masse. Because of the coronavirus, there is terrible unemployment, pogroms related to racial discrimination, the city is full of homeless people who drink and use drugs.

It has become scary to live in New York City. Wild and hungry marginal people attack, beat, and rob people in underground passages. Thefts in houses and apartments have become more frequent. Different scumbags have “guns” that use them, intimidating people and forcing them to give away the latter under threat of reprisals.

Indigenous New Yorkers argue with each other whether their city is dead or has fallen into a temporary coma and still has a chance of rebirth after a while. Locals are eager to leave the city for other states, away from the horror and chaos that New York City has plunged into.

Museums and restaurants have stopped working, and cultural life has come to naught. In the midst of the fight against COVID, the city was shaken by pogroms and protests caused by the death of African American George Floyd. The entire areas of New York City were smashed and looted.

When you walk through the center of Manhattan, you feel like you've been in a movie crash. You feel like Will Smith from “I'm a legend,” where he is the only survivor. No one else goes to work in business centers, no tourists are seen. It's just a ghost town.

The city is no longer the same. There is nothing left of the former well-being. People are afraid to ride in the subway, to go out in the evenings on the streets, because there are gangs of the marginal and the mentally ill. Americans try to avoid getting into public transport — it is dangerous. Bicycles have become a big deficit in the city. Many got on bicycles not only for safety reasons. Impoverished people simply do not have money for gasoline to ride a car, or for a ticket to take the subway or bus.

Because of the coronavirus in New York City has closed more than 5 thousand companies. There is terrible unemployment in the city. The crime rate, including the use of firearms, increased by 84%.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus restrictions in the city are slowly beginning to be abolished, people who left it do not want to go back. On the contrary, the outflow of the population continues. Americans do not want to live in fear of vagrants, drug addicts, and criminals walking the streets of New York City. There are more and more of them. People who find themselves out of work quickly degenerate and fall to the bottom, beginning to show their worst qualities.

Everything goes to the point where New York will become another ghost city in the United States. The situation in the metropolis is simply catastrophic because thieves and belligerents are gunning for homes abandoned by people. Because of this, the situation is getting worse every day. It seems that the city is doomed.

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