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Germany postpones population census for a year

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, employees of the statistical department are involved in support of state and federal health authorities

The previously planned census of the German population has been postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic. This decision was made on Wednesday, September 2, by the Federal Government of Germany.

Now it must be approved by the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, the lower and upper houses of the German parliament. The population census was supposed to take place in May 2021. It is now expected to take place in 2022.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, employees of the statistical department are involved in supporting the state and federal health authorities. Thus, there was no preparation for the census.

The previous population census in Germany was conducted in 2011. She must also collect data on employment and housing.

The population of Germany in 2019 reached a record 83.2 million people, mainly due to the arrival of immigrants from other countries.

We will remind, the German government has extended the warning for citizens from travel outside the European Union until September 14. The caveat applies to nearly 160 countries.

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