The US does not rule out the possibility of linking aid to countries with religion

Now the development of this presidential decree is at an early stage

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The White House is considering the possibility of linking the provision of foreign aid to a country with the way its authorities relate to religious minorities living in the state. This was reported by Politico newspaper, citing its sources in the US administration.

According to them, the development of this presidential decree is at an early stage. It is expected that the proposal will extend to humanitarian assistance, but it can also cover military assistance. The initiative is being discussed by the National Security Council and the White House Council on Domestic Politics, the State Department and the Office of the Vice President. “Vice President Michael Pence is always happy to support religious freedom, both here, at home and abroad,” said Pens spokeswoman Katie Waldman.

The proposal under consideration can significantly change the distribution of aid around the world. The source of the publication said that authorities are exploring the possibility of using the estimates of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. The commission’s list with “countries of particular concern” includes both US allies (represented by Saudi Arabia) and opponents (such as Iran). Moreover, the commission is concerned about the situation with religious freedom in countries such as Vietnam, Egypt, India, Iraq, China, and Turkey. In addition, the newspaper notes, such factors as the fight against human trafficking will influence the possibility of providing assistance. Since many important details of the initiative are being discussed, the publication points out, Trump has not yet been introduced to it.

In September, at a United Nations General Assembly event dedicated to religious freedoms, Trump announced that US authorities would additionally allocate $25 million to protect religious freedom and religious sites around the world. The American leader also called on all countries of the world to respect the right to freedom of religion. According to him, “80% of the world's population lives in countries where religious freedom is at considerable risk or even outlawed.”

Recall that earlier in the US they decided to check out the assistance fund to other countries. Funds should be spent on financing international organizations, international peacekeeping missions, the fight against drugs, healthcare, development assistance, as well as assistance to the armed forces of foreign states and assistance to states in Europe, Eurasia and Central Asia.

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