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Meghan Markle's photo, taken while she was shopping, appeared on the web

Today, a snapshot of Meghan Markle appeared on Twitter, taken back in January. In the photo, the Duchess of Sussex was captured at the Whole Foods grocery store in Canada, where she lived with Prince Harry and their son Archie before moving to the United States.

The photo was taken by a store visitor who shared her impressions of the Duchess.

Meghan walked over to my friend, who had a baby in her backpack. She said, “Your baby is adorable. You and I have the same carriers,”

— shared the author of the picture.

She added that Meghan behaved very modestly and seemed very simple.

You can see her guard who was standing behind her,

— she concluded.

In Canada dukes of Sussex lived from January to March — there they moved after having resigned from the royal authority. Now the spouses settled in the United States, where they recently purchased their own mansion in the town of Montecito near Santa Barbara. However, the dukes have never been seen there before — they prefer not to be seen by outsiders and, it seems, practically do not leave the territory of their house. However, there are no fewer people who want to see them in person — after the couple moved to Montecito, the city was flooded with paparazzi and tourists, which the locals, who are used to peace and quiet, do not like.

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