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The Pentagon told where China's defense has overtaken the US

The report for the US Congress was prepared by the Pentagon. It describes the state of readiness and military equipment of China. The conclusions of the document say that the Chinese People's Liberation Army has managed to surpass the U.S. in at least three defense areas.

Beijing surpassed the United States in the construction of ships. In terms of numbers, the Chinese fleet surpassed the U.S. The arsenal of China has 350 ships and submarines, from which 130 huge frigates. The U.S. has 293 combat water units on its balance sheet.

The Pentagon believes the Chinese surpassed them inland cruise and ballistic missiles. According to the US military department, China has at least 1250 long-range missiles (5.5 thousand km). US ground missiles can hit targets only at a distance of up to 300 km. Washington signed the agreement on the refusal of medium- and short-range missiles.

The U.S. military also believes that China has better integration of air defense systems. There are Russian developments in this area.

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