Pope Francis offered to write off debts to countries that suffered from coronavirus

Pope Francis, who had previously responded to protests in Belarus, called on the world to write off debts to other poor states that were particularly affected by this year's coronavirus pandemic.

This is stated in the relevant message of the Pope, which is posted on the Vatican website.

“I repeat the call for debt forgiveness to the most vulnerable countries in recognition of the medical, social, and economic crisis they have faced because of COVID-19,” the Pope emphasized.

The Pope also noted that the global use of natural resources in the South has created debts that are now worth paying back to restore justice.

“The historical exploitation of the South has led to the environmental debt due to the theft of resources and overuse of shared environmental space for waste — it is time to restore justice,” said Pope Francis.

“We also rejoice that religious communities are coming together to create a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world. Let us continue to grow in the awareness that we all live in the same house as members of the same family,” he concluded.

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