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The most unusual buildings in the world

A resident of Tennessee built a treehouse the size of a football field, in France, the postman erected the “Ideal Palace”, in Bulgaria you can find an “alien ship”, and in the north of Portugal, you can feel like in the Stone Age. A list of the most unusual buildings that will impress even an experienced traveler.

1. Tennessee resident Horace Burgess has managed to fulfill the dream of many children and build himself a treehouse. As a result, it turned out to be the largest in the world. Living space — 3000 square meters. The ten-story structure rests on six oaks and 250,000 nails. The construction took 14 years and cost $12,000; only wood was used as material. The famous treehouse is located in Cornville, Tennessee.

2. Salina Turda — one of the main attractions of Romania, located 30 km from the city of Cluj-Napoca. Since 1991 it has been recognized as a museum mine, where, for example, there is a 526-meter-long gallery dug in salt deposits. At a depth of 112 meters from the surface of the earth, there is the Teresa mine, shaped like a bell. In the very center, there is an underground lake 48 meters deep and 70 meters in diameter. An amphitheater was built in the Rudolph mine, where concerts can be held for 80 people.

3. “Crooked House” was built in 2004 in the Polish city of Sopot. The architects were inspired by illustrations by the famous Polish artist Jan Marcin Cancer.

4. Another “fabulous” building is located in the forests of Alaska. Dr. Seuss's House was an ordinary mansion, initially with only one additional floor to keep the trees from obscuring the beautiful views of Mount McKinley. After the death of the first owner, the house was abandoned, but ten years later a new owner appeared, thanks to whom the mansion turned into a 12-story tower.

5. A resident of a Berlin suburb has proved that a bicycle is not only a means of transportation but also a means of decoration. Shop owner Christian Petersen placed 120 bicycles on the facade of the building as a publicity stunt. It soon became a local landmark.

6. Located at the top of the Balkan Mountains in Bulgaria, the Buzludzha Memorial House looks like an alien ship from a science fiction movie. It was built in 1981 in honor of the founding of the Bulgarian Workers' Social Democratic Party. Here, for example, they were accepted as pioneers. The construction, which began in 1974, spent over 25 million Bulgarian levs. Moreover, more than half of this amount was collected by local residents. For 7 years, it was possible to erect a building with mosaics made of marble, granite, labrador, gold, silver, bronze, and other valuable stones and metals. The house is now completely ransacked.

7. In the north of Portugal, near the city of Fafe, there is an unusual house that resembles buildings of the Stone Age. Four large cobblestones from the walls and roof of this house, which is why it is called Casa do Penedo — translated from Portuguese “penned” means “large stone, rock”. Only the windows and door frames are not made of stone. The furniture was made of logs and the bed was made of eucalyptus, weighing 350 kg. Due to its appearance, this house merges with the surrounding landscape. Its construction began in 1972 and lasted for two years. The owners do not live here permanently, so the house is open to the public.

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