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Why in Japan make public toilets transparent?

Japan is one of the most unusual and mysterious countries in the world in every respect and the most advanced in terms of different technologies. Of course, modern Japanese people keep up with the times, despite their unique culture and traditions. And sometimes they are much ahead of this time. And this is well reflected in their technological innovations.

The fact that in this country you can buy everything from products to lingerie in the vending machines installed on the streets is not a curiosity for us.

People here are all workaholics, so taking a nap in the most unusual place where it is possible, in this country is considered the norm. On top of that, leaving the workplace before the manager does, is blatant injustice and, at least, a violation of labor discipline.

For our citizens, both the upbringing and the way of life of this nation are not quite clear and in some places are unacceptable. The most interesting thing is that their perception of the world around them and what they create is relevant in many countries. Some, at first glance, unusual inventions, would not prevent us from introducing them into our lives, though not the fact that everyone would understand and accept them.

One of such inventions is public toilets with transparent walls, installed in parks in Tokyo. Some people will treat it with disbelief and take it as a joke, but they do exist. True, it is not that simple.

This design is developed and made so that it is useful not only in certain, all understandable situations but also in general for people around.

The walls of the construction remain transparent until the visitor enters and closes the front door with the key. After that, the automation is triggered and the glass becomes tarnished. It is impossible to see anything from the street behind it.

In the evenings and at night, the multicolored illumination is switched on. Thus, the booths become an additional source of street lighting.

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