The network is discussing Melania Trump's reaction to her husband's daughter Ivanka

Yesterday in the United States ended the national convention of the Republican Party, at which Donald Trump was approved as a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. Speakers yesterday on the White House lawn included the head of state's 38-year-old daughter Ivanka Trump, who came out to introduce her father before his closing speech.

However, they are discussing on the network not so much the words of Ivanka as the reaction of the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump, whose facial expression after the president's daughter walked past her did not go unnoticed. At first, Melania smiled broadly at Ivanka, but then she completely changed in her face.

It was so weird.

Is there someone Melania doesn't hate?

I would like to see what kind of face Ivanka put on, what provoked such a reaction from Melania ...

What an incredibly wonderful family!

— write Internet users.

Donald Trump's former advisor Stephanie Winston Volkoff wrote about the rivalry between Melania and Ivanka Trump in her memoir Melania and Me. In an excerpt published in the New York Magazine Intelligencer, she shares details of their relationship. She, in particular, writes that Melania tried to prevent Ivanka from participating in the best photoshoots during the inauguration of her husband in 2016.

It was Donald's inauguration, not Ivanka's. But no one had the courage to tell her about it. Melania was not happy with the fact that Ivanka ruled the schedule, and did not allow it to be done,

— she writes.

Ivanka sent Stephanie a message with a photo of former President Barack Obama on his inauguration day, in which he stands surrounded by his family, and wrote that it's great that the family was by his side at this special moment. It was then that Winston Volkoff and Melania Trump launched the so-called “operation to block Ivanka.” They went so far as to change the position of the family during the ceremony so that Ivanka and Melania did not stand next to each other.

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