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The Pentagon wants to get $3.2 billion for the development of hypersonic weapons

The Pentagon wants to get $3.2 billion for the development of hypersonic weapons

The US Department of Defense in 2021 wants to receive $3.2 billion for development in the field of hypersonic weapons, follows from the report of the Congressional Research Service on August 26.

Previously, funding for hypersonic weapons was relatively limited, the document says. However, both the Pentagon and Congress are showing a growing interest in developing and deploying hypersonic systems amid Russian and Chinese interest in these technologies.

Hypersonic weapons — missile weapons capable of flying in the atmosphere at hypersonic speed and maneuvering using aerodynamic forces.

“The Pentagon's fiscal 2021 budget request for all hypersonic research is $3.2 billion, up from the $2.6 billion requested for fiscal 2020, including $206.8 million for hypersonic defense programs. Currently, the Department of Defense has not established any recording programs for hypersonic weapons, suggesting that it may not have approved either the system requirements or long-term funding plans, ” the document says.

In July, US President Donald Trump enacted martial law to create hypersonic weapons. Earlier, Trump said that the United States is developing a hypersonic missile that is 17 times faster than existing developments. According to him, it is capable of hitting a target at a distance of 1.6 thousand km with an accuracy of 35.5 cm.

Earlier this year, General John Haitian, deputy chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the United States, once a leader in the development of hypersonic weapons, would take years to rebuild. The US Department of Defense has signed a contract with Lockheed Martin for almost $30 million to develop technologies in this area.

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