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Berlin police exonerate beating of the pregnant woman at the demonstration

A pregnant woman was beaten by police officers for trying to break through a barricade at a demonstration and spitting on police officers, according to statements by the Berlin police on August 31, according to the German newspaper Tagesschau.

42-year-old pregnant woman, according to police on Sunday at 13:45, made an attempt to break through the barricade. She allegedly spat and hit the police officer. Immediately thereafter, the emergency team pounced on her and brought her to the ground. The police note that the paramedics did not find any injuries to her, and she herself refused to be transported to the hospital.

Also, on the same day, a 60-year-old woman fell under police violence. She participated in an unauthorized meeting and did not leave, despite repeated requests. She is said to have kicked one policeman in the stomach and apparently wanted to bite another in the hand. When she was lying on the floor and resisting, the policeman punched her twice in the upper back. This beating can be seen in two videos.

A criminal investigation was launched against both women for resisting law enforcement officers by assault and beating. Police noted that there was no evidence that the health of the mother and her unborn child was impaired.

An investigation was launched against the police officers concerned. It will be conducted by the Commissioner for Crimes Committed by Civil Servants in the State Criminal Police (LKA).

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