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Children slept on the floor: thousands of French people slept the night on trains

Due to a railway accident, thousands of people spent the night in trains

In France, where the train crash occurred, there was a new train accident, which caused thousands of passengers to spend the night on high-speed trains, reports USTN.

As reported by the France-Info radio station, due to power outages on the night of August 31, they were blocked inside the trains.

In total, because of the failure, passengers of four high-speed trains in the south-west of the country had to spend the night in carriages — the accident affected about 2.5 thousand people.

The French national railway operator SNCF explained the incident as “a series of incidents with the power supply” and assured that they provided passengers with everything they needed: masks, blankets, bottled water, and breakfast.

Children slept on the floor: thousands of French people slept the night on trains

However, passengers describe the picture in a completely different way.

“We did not know what we would die of earlier — from hunger, thirst, coronavirus, or lack of hygiene,” — journalists quote one of the survivors of the night on the train.

The company has already promised to compensate passengers for the cost of their tickets tripled.

It is alleged that there will be no electricity until the next day, in connection with which the issue of returning people to their starting point or transporting them to Paris is being decided

An internal investigation has begun to establish the causes of the incident. The alleged cause of the accident is a repeated failure that led to a break in the contact line — a breakdown of the train pantographs or a defect on the contact line.

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