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Biden denounces Trump for “fanning the flames of hatred and division”

Democratic presidential candidate Joseph Biden condemned the violence in Portland (Oregon), which is rioting, accused the current American leader Donald Trump of inciting hatred and discord in society. The corresponding statement was published on the website of the politician.

He noted that he considers unacceptable shooting on the streets of a large city in the United States. “I condemn such violence unreservedly. And I urge Donald Trump to do the same, ” said the Democrat. Biden wondered: What does Trump think will happen if he continues to “fan the flames of hatred and division” in American society and resort to a politics of fear to incite his supporters? “He thoughtlessly encourages violence,” Biden concluded. According to him, the incumbent head of the White House has stopped coping with the president's work, since his rhetoric leads to an increase in public tension, and the duty of the head of state is to “reduce the temperature” in society and reconcile dissent.

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