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Impeachment Trump: Congress told when the investigation will end

The House of Representatives plans for the Senate to begin consideration of impeachment in early 2020

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The investigation of the United States Congress as part of the impeachment procedure of US President Donald Trump is planned to be completed by December 25. It is reported by The Hill.

According to the publication, the Democrats of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, who are investigating the impeachment of Trump, went to the second stage of the investigation — the rationale for the impeachment of the American public.

“The chamber should set itself the goal of resolving this issue in the Intelligence and Foreign Affairs and Oversight Committee, as well as in the Judicial Committee by Christmas. This is a tight schedule. But this is a workable schedule, considering where we are and all the work that has been done before so far, “said Danny Hake, member of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee.

After the investigation in Congress, the issue of impeachment trump will be considered in the Senate. The House of Representatives plans for the Senate to begin consideration of impeachment in early 2020.

Impeachment, according to the US Constitution, provides for prosecution by removal from office of federal employees, including the president, if “they are convicted of treason, bribery or other serious crimes and misconduct.”

The “exclusive prerogative” to formulate and bring charges is the House of Representatives. Congressmen vote to refer the matter to their legal committee, which is investigating the allegations. If there is the reason, then an actual indictment is being prepared.

After approval by the committee, the document is sent for consideration by the House of Representatives of the whole. Its approval requires a simple majority of votes, which at the current alignment of forces, the legislators of the US Democratic Party can theoretically gain.

If approved, the charges are transferred to the Senate of Congress, where the procedure turns into a lawsuit. The House of Representatives in it actually acts as a party to the prosecution, and senators act as members of the jury. For impeachment to take place, at least two-thirds of the votes of senators are required (at least 67).

For this reason, with the current composition of the Senate, the probability of voting in favor of impeachment is virtually reduced to zero. Since the beginning of this year, Republicans (based on the results of the November midterm elections) occupy 53 out of 100 seats in the upper house of Congress.

The impeachment procedure of the head of state was initiated in US history only three times. These presidents were Andrew Johnson (in 1868), Bill Clinton (in 1998–1999) and Richard Nixon (in 1974). However, Johnson and Clinton were acquitted by the upper house of Congress. Nixon resigned even before the hearing.

It should be noted that in the United States there are strict rules for protecting the identity of so-called informants who report internal problems through official channels provided for this. Despite this, the US administration and President Donald Trump repeatedly demanded to disclose the identity of the informant.

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