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Sudan made peace after 17 years of war

The contract will be officially signed on August 31

The government of Sudan concluded a peace agreement on Sunday, August 30, with the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRS) and rebel groups from the regions of Darfur, Southern Kordofan, and the Blue Nile. The agreement will be officially signed on Monday in the capital of neighboring South Sudan, DW reports with reference to the Sudanese news agency Suna.

The government's peace agreement with the rebels talks about power-sharing, security, land ownership, investigation of crimes committed during the civil war, and the return of refugees.

The Sudanese Revolutionary Front will have to disband insurgent groups, and the government is committed to taking their fighters into the Sudanese army.

Peace talks were possible after the April 2019 mass protests overthrew the Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir. The first preliminary agreement on a peace agreement with the new transitional government of Sudan was reached in September 2019, mediated by South Sudan.

According to the UN, since 2003, about 300 thousand people have been killed in the conflict in Darfur, 2.5 million people were forced to leave their homes and became refugees. In 2011, fighting broke out in South Kordofan and the Blue Nile. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is considered the initiator of the mass destruction of three ethnic minorities: Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa.

Recall that during the protests in Sudan in July 2019, five students were shot dead, after which all schools in the country suspended the education process.

We also reported that in January, a military transport plane crashed in Sudan, and then all the people on board were killed.

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