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Donald Trump has estimated his autograph at $10 thousand

Donald Trump has estimated his autograph at $10 thousand

The American leader, during a visit to areas affected by the hurricane, signed his autographs to local emergency workers and advised them to put the president's autograph up for an online auction in the evening, reports USTN.

US President Donald Trump paid a visit to the state of Louisiana hit by hurricane Laura. He held a round table, after which he signed autographs to those present and advised them to sell them for a large sum, writes the Daily Beast.

The head of the White House handed out his autographed photos to emergency personnel. Trump advised them to list his gift on eBay for $10,000.

“Sell it today on eBay. You will receive ten thousand dollars. If I write your name, the value will decrease significantly. So sell it on eBay tonight,” Trump said.

Note that Hurricane Laura struck some states of America on August 27.

It was also reported that TikTok confirmed the lawsuit against Trump.

Earlier USTN wrote that the porn star sued Trump for $44,000. The court ordered the President of the United States to pay the costs of the actress for lawyers in a long-term legal battle.

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