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An asteroid the size of a multi-story building will move closer to Earth

An asteroid the size of a multi-story building will move closer to Earth

The potentially hazardous asteroid 2011 ES4, roughly the size of a multi-story building, will approach Earth. This is reported on the NASA website.

The approach of the asteroid with the Earth is expected on September 1 at 19:12 Moscow time. According to the agency, the dimensions of the celestial body are from 22 to 49 meters. It will approach the planet at a distance of about 120 thousand kilometers — this is about 3.2 times less than the distance from the Earth to the Moon. The asteroid's flight speed will be about seven to eight meters per second.

2011 ES4 was launched on March 2, 2011. It belongs to the group of “Apollo” — asteroids in which the flight path intersects with the Earth's orbit.

The previous time a dangerous approach of a celestial body with the Earth was recorded on August 5. Then the asteroid 2009 PQ1 flew past the planet, whose dimensions are comparable to a football field.

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