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US police were able to bypass restrictions on the use of drones in the city

A drone on a long cord will allow the use of unmanned surveillance equipment, without the need to have a certified pilot on the staff, the US, and Canadian police.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has reportedly given permission for the police to use civilian drones with fixed take-off positions without the need for a certified pilot. This means that the police will have access to drones that can be quickly deployed right on the scene.

It is known that the drone, along with the cord through which the electricity is transmitted and a powerful battery, is in a special suitcase. At the command of the operator, it can rise to a height of 46 meters and hang there as long as necessary, since it is possible to connect the system to a constant power supply.

These systems will be supplied to the US and Canadian police by Axon, which is a regular supplier of special equipment for these departments. The unmanned system “Axon Air” uses the development of “Fotokite” by Russian inventor Sergei Lupashin. He set up Perspective Robotics in Switzerland to work around regulatory restrictions on drone flying in the city.

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