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Anti-mask rallies held in France

Rallies against the mandatory wearing of masks introduced by the French authorities are taking place on Saturday in Paris and a number of other large cities of the country, in particular in Nantes, Cana, and Rennes. This was announced by the BFM TV channel.

According to the police, 250-300 people gathered in the Place des Nation in Paris, although earlier more than a thousand residents of the capital announced their intention to participate on Facebook. In the hands of the protesters, posters: “Down with the sanitary dictatorship!” “We don't want to wear masks!” “Power to the people!” In the crowd — students and pensioners, workers of enterprises, several representatives of “yellow vests”. The police do not interfere in what is happening but cordoned off the place of the rally and demand that, leaving the cordon, all citizens must wear masks. Several people who did not want to do this were fined.

Speakers at the Nation Square stressed that they do not agree with the rules introduced by the authorities and that wearing masks violates their personal rights and freedoms, interferes with the normal communication of people. They describe the methods of the authorities to prevent the spread of the virus as “deliberate intimidation of the population in order to manipulate them.” Many speakers argued that no increase in the spread of coronavirus in the country is currently taking place, that the virus has weakened, and that masks are not able to protect against infection at all.

The French authorities, in particular the prefectures and city halls of a number of large cities, have introduced in recent days the mandatory wearing of masks in all public places, including streets and parks. For appearing without a mask on the street or in a store, a fine of €135 is imposed, which in case of further violations of the rules can reach €1.5 thousand.

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