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In Brazil, the coronavirus killed almost 120 thousand people

The number of deaths of patients with a disease caused by a coronavirus in Brazil, where COVID-19 was found on chicken packaging, increased by 855 per day, to 119,504, according to the data of the Ministry of Health of the South American Republic.

Also, the number of people infected with a new coronavirus infection increased by 43 412, their total number is 3 804 803, follows from the daily summary. According to the ministry, more than three-quarters of those infected (2,976,796) recovered, another 708,503 patients remain under medical supervision. For 1 million of the population, there are 18 105 cases of infection and 569 deaths due to the consequences of infection.

Brazil, where the first case of coronavirus infection was confirmed on February 26, ranks second in the list of states with the highest number of infected and dead, behind only the United States.

Earlier it was reported that in Brazil, almost 50 thousand cases of coronavirus infection are recorded for the second day in a row.

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