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The American woman was given a driver's license with a photo of a chair

Jade Dodd from Tennessee, USA recently received her new driver's license. But instead of her photograph on them, she saw an image of an empty chair, writes CNN.

Jade first showed her updated ID to her parents and then drove to the police station. The local specialist could not believe her eyes, tried to solve the problem on her own, but could not. Then she called the manager for help. The employee explained that the error occurred when uploading a photo to Jade's profile on the site where she applied for an ID renewal.

The situation was quickly sorted out and Jade was given normal rights, now with her photograph. The girl herself considers this case funny.

“The day after I talked about it at work, my boss decided to play a trick on me. When he saw me, he pointed to a chair in the hallway and said: “I thought it was you, and even in the morning waved to him,” — said Jade.

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