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The first case of re-infection with coronavirus confirmed in the US

The first case of re-infection with a new coronavirus in the United States was detected in the state of Nevada. This was reported on Friday by The New York Times.

This is only the fourth such case in the world: one was identified this week in Hong Kong and two in Europe. They were mild, while the recurrence of a 25-year-old resident of Reno, Nevada, is accompanied by severe symptoms.

In March of this year, this patient complained of a sore throat, cough, and nausea, on April 18, a test showed infection with a coronavirus, and by April 27, the patient recovered, the newspaper reported. Two tests for infection were negative. On May 28, the patient felt unwell again and on June 5 was hospitalized. Doctors find traces of coronavirus infection on x-ray of lungs

The examination of samples taken from the patient showed that the second infection was different from the first. Nevada laboratory director Mark Pandori said that at this stage it is not clear why the disease is worse the second time. “There may be biological reasons for this, but at the moment we cannot speak about it with certainty,” he said.

When the patient was tested for the first time, he was not tested for the presence of antibodies, after re-infection, antibodies were found in the body.

The publication notes that the re-infection did not surprise the researchers, given that there are millions of cases of infection around the world, but it is still not clear whether such cases — especially those with severe symptoms — are abnormal or whether they will meet often. Angela Rasmussen, an expert virologist at Columbia University, said that “there are many such cases to study before making any assumptions about which hypothesis is correct.”

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