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Killer of 39 Vietnamese found in truck revealed

The identity of the killer of 39 Vietnamese citizens, whose bodies were found in a truck in Essex, England, has been revealed.

A 40-year-old Irishman named Ronan Hughes was brought to trial 10 months after the dead were found in the UK. The man also confessed to a conspiracy to facilitate the illegal migration of people to Europe.

Truck driver Mo Robinson also confessed to manslaughter. At the same time, another suspect, Irishman Eamon Harrison, has not yet pleaded guilty.

Among the dead, 38 adults and one teenager were found, all the citizens of Vietnam. According to the investigation, the truck arrived from Bulgaria.

A refrigerated truck with 39 bodies was found near London on October 23, 2019. The probable causes of death for 8 women and 31 men are frostbite and lack of oxygen. The investigation believes that these people illegally entered Britain from Bulgaria, passing through Ireland.

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