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Lukashenko tough response to Europe in response to sanctions

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko promised, in response to the sanctions being prepared by the European Union, to block the resale of goods through the republic, the supply of which is imposed by the embargo in Russia.

“Even if they don't dream about sanctioned products. We will show them what sanctions are, ” said Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with employees of a cheese factory in the Vitebsk region.

Lukashenko added that the government will reorient trade flows from Lithuanian ports “to others”. “So we'll see how they will live. 30% of the Lithuanian budget is formed by our cargo traffic through Lithuania, Lukashenka promised.

Recall that in the summer of 2014, the Russian government introduced a ban on the import into the country of products from countries that support anti-Russian sanctions. This list includes the United States, Canada, Australia, members of the European Union, Norway, Albania, Montenegro, Iceland, Liechtenstein. The food embargo was a response to the anti-Russian sanctions imposed in the spring of 2014 due to the annexation of Crimea and the situation in eastern Ukraine. Later, an embargo on Ukrainian products was also introduced.

The Lithuanian authorities have added Lukashenko and other Belarusian officials and security officials to the list of persons who are planned to be banned from entering the country. In addition, the MEPs declared the President of Belarus persona non grata in the EU countries.

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