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The death toll from hurricane Laura rises to six

Hurricane Laura, which could be the most destructive in the past few years, struck the United States — it was assigned the fourth power category, as wind speeds reach 240 km / h.

The number of victims of Hurricane Laura, which struck the US state of Louisiana, rose to six. This was announced on Friday, August 28, by the State Department of Health on Twitter.

The death toll from hurricane Laura rises to six

“Today we are bitterly confirming the death of six people in connection with the storm,” the department said.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards previously reported four deaths. All of them, according to Edwards, were crushed to death by trees blown down by the hurricane. Among them is a 14-year-old girl.

The state governor said Laura was “the most destructive hurricane” in Louisiana, surpassing even 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

The maximum wind speed reached 241 km / h. The hurricane raged for 11 hours, after which it turned into a tropical storm.

Because of the hurricane in Louisiana and Texas, more than 700 thousand houses were left without electricity, many buildings were destroyed. Also, there was a fire at the BioLab chemical plant in Westlake, Louisiana.

Before Laura came to the coast of the United States, she killed 23 people: 20 died in Haiti, three more in the Dominican Republic.

It was previously reported that showers began in Louisiana, strong gusts of wind and storm tide. The hurricane continues to move northward at a speed of 24 km / h. The wind speed inside the hurricane reaches 240 km / h. The hurricane was assigned to the 4th category.

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