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The American was fined $500,000 because of quarantine violation

The American was fined $500,000 because of quarantine violation

A US citizen faces a large fine for the fact that he twice grossly violated quarantine in Canada during the coronavirus pandemic.

A resident of the American state of Kentucky, John Pennington, can pay about $500,000 for a two-time violation of quarantine rules in Canada. Travel and Leisure write about it.

The man reportedly traveled from Alaska to the mainland in June. During the trip, he stayed twice at one of the hotels in the Canadian Banff National Park, which was closed to Americans due to the coronavirus pandemic. The hotel staff sent the guest information to the authorities.

After finding the American in a hotel, the Canadian police fined him $900. The guest was allowed to spend the night, was forbidden to leave the territory of the accommodation, and in the morning he was obliged to leave Canada. But he was spotted at Banff National Park.

The man told the police that he went out to buy food for breakfast, but they did not believe it - there were several restaurants in the hotel.

An American tourist was arrested. Now he faces a trial. Pennington faces a fine of about half a million dollars or a prison sentence that will last six months.

It is clarified that due to the increase in the number of cases in the United States, Canada closed its southern border on March 21. Travelers crossing from Alaska to the United States must use the shortest routes. They are forbidden to stay in hotels and visit national parks.

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