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Trump wanted the Attorney General to refute the illegality of his conversation with Zelensky — media

Attorney General William Barr refused to do so

US President Donald Trump asked Attorney General William Barr to hold a press conference and publicly state that there was no violation of the law in a telephone conversation between the head of the White House and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. This was reported by The Washington Post.

According to the publication, a corresponding request was sent to the US Department of Justice about September 25, when they published a transcript of a conversation between the leaders of the United States and Ukraine.

Barr refused to comply with Trump's request, which the head of the White House recently announced to his close associates. Despite this, the source said, the prosecutor general and the president remain in good relations.

Recall that we wrote earlier that keywords and expressions in the transcript published by the White House of the July telephone conversation between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States were omitted.

It was also reported that a special intelligence committee of the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled a transcript of Taylor’s closed hearing on October 22 as part of the impeachment of Republican Trump initiated by the Democratic Party in late September.

Former US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Walker during testimony in Congress in connection with the impeachment of US President Donald Trump said that Trump's telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on July 25 made a discouraging impression.

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