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NASA explores blockchain for inter-satellite communications

NASA explores blockchain for inter-satellite communications

NASA will be working on SCRAMBLE with Orbit Logic and the Fraunhofer Center for Experimental Development of the United States.

NASA has funded the SCRAMBLE blockchain platform as part of its technology transfer program for small businesses. Its purpose is the installation of inter-satellite communication implemented using the NASA quadcopter fleet.

NASA will work on SCRAMBLE with Orbit Logic and the United States Fraunhofer Center for Software Experimental Development, according to the space agency document.

The cost of the contract for the creation of the platform will be $124,800, and its development is expected to be completed within four months.

Using the SCRAMBLE blockchain platform, NASA will be able to track quadcopters with ease. Even if the fleet of quadcopters at some point will lose some devices that make up its composition. The rest of the drones will be able to quickly adapt and continue the flight, despite the loss of one of their satellites.

This is NASA's third blockchain project. The other two demanded the same amount for development and were implemented in 2019. Tektronix is committed to using blockchain to reliably exchange data between modules for the design of modern technology-based systems (MBSE). Another is a more versatile blockchain for use in space projects from Emergent Space Technologies.

We will remind you, the new mission of NASA can go to the orbit of Saturn.

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