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A woman infected with HIV 30 years ago recovered

A woman infected with HIV 30 years ago recovered

Until now, no one has managed to get rid of the human immunodeficiency virus on their own, doctors say.

California resident Loreen Willenburg, 66, was likely able to get rid of the virus without medication or a bone marrow transplant. On Thursday, August 27, the Daily Mail reports, citing research by scientists.

According to the woman, she did not take any medications to combat this ailment.

Doctors believe that her body fights infection naturally. Doctors intend to include the woman in the list of recovered patients with HIV along with the “Berlin patient” Timati Brown and the “London patient” Adam Castillejo.

At the same time, doctors note that both men were sick with cancer, they underwent a bone marrow transplant from a donor with HIV resistance genes in order to destroy both the disease and the virus that causes AIDS.

“A woman from California, who was diagnosed with the virus in 1992, has a rare ability to self-suppress the virus,” doctors say.

It is clarified that researchers from Harvard and other scientific institutions did not find traces of HIV in her body after standard tests

“With the help of advanced technology, 1.5 billion blood cells from a woman were analyzed, and they found tiny traces of the virus. Most likely, the patient's immunity simply left these particles in the blood, which does not have the ability to reproduce. Which means that she was completely cured of HIV. Without any outside help, becoming the first such patient in the world, “the article says.

At the moment, there are two known cases of complete recovery from the virus. In March 2020, a second HIV cure was confirmed. American Timothy Ray Brown and the so-called London patient defeated the virus after a bone marrow transplant to treat blood cancer.

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