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Data on Tsar Bomba tests declassified

The state corporation "Rosatom" showed a previously classified film about the tests of the thermonuclear hydrogen bomb AN602. The video is available on the organization's YouTube channel.

The video is a 40-minute film shot in the style of Soviet documentary films. The video was published in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Russian nuclear industry. The film shows the main stages in the creation, transportation, and the actual explosion of a bomb. In particular, the voiceover explains the principle of operation of the most powerful explosive device invented by man.

In the frames of the documentary, you can see the moment of transportation of the "Tsar Bomba", as it was called in the West, by plane. Also, the moment of the explosion was captured from different points. The film was filmed by several film crews, one of them was in the laboratory plane.

In November 2019, the Spanish edition of La Vanguardia called the Soviet AN602 thermonuclear bomb useless. According to journalists, in a real war, the use of weapons with the same dimensions is irrational and difficult. Also, during an explosion, most of the energy of the bomb goes into space.

AN602 or "Tsar Bomba" was developed in 1956-1961 under the leadership of Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences Igor Kurchatov. The test of the bomb took place on October 30, 1961, at the Sukhoi Nos nuclear test site, located on Novaya Zemlya Island. The explosion power was 58.6 megatons in TNT equivalent. Despite its power, the AN602 explosion is considered one of the cleanest ever.

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