America predicted a color revolution

Hillary Clinton urged her party associate Joe Biden not to admit defeat in the presidential election. As political scientists say, disagreement with the decision of the election commission is the first step in the technology of any color revolution. It turns out that America is threatened by a scenario that it has itself exported to other countries. What will the American Maidan look like?

Former 2016 presidential candidate, Democrat Hillary Clinton called on the current candidate, her party member Joe Biden, to consider herself a winner on the night of the election on November 3. “Joe Biden should not admit defeat under any circumstances,” Clinton is quoted as saying by Voice of America. “Because I think the process will drag on, and I really believe that it will win in the end if we don't give up an inch and are as focused and adamant as the other side.”

Clinton suggested that Trump and Biden would show similar results, and she accused Republicans in advance of trying to influence the results by “throwing up the absentee ballot” (ie, mail-order) to gain a slight edge on the electoral college. “We must have extensive legal support,” she said. “And I know Biden's headquarters are working on it.”

Recall that Clinton is the former first lady and former US secretary of state. In 2016, she ran for president from the Democratic Party but lost to Donald Trump.

“The stakes ahead of the US elections are very high. The mere use by the democrats of such special means as media support for the “black protest” is an out of the ordinary event in itself. But Hillary Clinton's appeal is still an egregious and exceptional event. This has not happened, probably since the 60s, for the establishment of one of the parties to incite radicals, and even on racial grounds, against opponents.

Clinton's statement reflects the ideas of globalist populism, which leads to color revolutions.”

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