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Egypt expands tourist requirements for COVID-19 test

The new requirements of the Egyptian authorities apply to both foreign tourists and citizens of this country.

The Egyptian authorities have expanded the requirements for tests for coronavirus, which must be carried by foreign tourists. So, from September 1, all persons over 6 years old must have a certificate with a negative PCR test result.

This requirement applies to both foreign tourists and citizens of this country. In this case, the test must be done no earlier than 48 hours before arrival in Egypt.

Certificate requirements:

Must contain the exact date and time of the test;

Must be issued by an official laboratory with a seal;

Should not contain corrections;

Should contain information about the type of test;

It must be indicated that the RT-PCR type test was performed.

Crew members of ships and aircraft are not exempt from these requirements. Testing must be approved by the agency company and the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Tourists and others without coronavirus tests will not be allowed into the country.

It was reported last week that Egypt has introduced mandatory PCR tests for entry. The decision to test travelers' tests was made due to “an increase in infections in some countries.”

As you know, from July 1, Egypt began a gradual resumption of regular international flights after the closure of its airspace in March due to the pandemic.

Foreign tourists are currently only allowed to enter the three coastal Egyptian provinces with the lowest rates of coronavirus infection in the country — South Sinai, Red Sea, and Matruh.

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