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Blake Lively showed off her birthday (and joked about Ryan Reynolds again)

On August 25, Blake Lively celebrated her 33rd birthday with her family, and now she shared with millions of her subscribers how the holiday went.

Blake showed in her stories a lot of gifts that she received that day, and the actress definitely could not complain about their monotony! There were sweets, jewelry, and “boxes with nostalgia” — among the surprises Lively was waiting for a box with multi-colored hairpins in the style of the 90s and a Britney Spears disc.

Fans of the actress were interested in a chain with a pendant on which the names of the children were engraved, but only the names of Blake's eldest daughters — five-year-old Ines and three-year-old James — were included in the frame.

The couple is still hiding the name of the youngest girl from the public, so one can only guess. So, among netizens, there is a theory that the name of the child was declassified in a new song by Taylor Swift, and the allegedly nine-month-old baby is named Betty.

The culmination of the holiday was, of course, the taking out of the cake. It was presented by the actress's husband, 43-year-old Ryan Reynolds. However, this solemn moment was not without the family's trademark jokes.

The cake was clearly not the main thing that attracted Blake's attention. Instead of zooming on candles, Lively who was filming this moment increased her husband's biceps many times.

Happy Birthday to me,

— Laconically signed Lively the largest shot of Reynolds' pumped up arm.

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