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New cases of coronavirus detected in all regions of Italy

New cases of coronavirus detected in all regions of Italy

Cases of coronavirus in Italy have been identified in all regions of the country. This was announced on Thursday, August 27, at the country's health ministry.

Over the past day, the number of detected cases of coronavirus in the country has increased by 1411. It is noted that this figure corresponds to the level of detected cases in early to mid-May. At the same time, six deaths are reported in 24 hours, these figures remain at the level of the lowest mortality thresholds since the beginning of March.

The total number of confirmed cases in the country has reached 263 949, of which more than 35 thousand are fatal. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 206 554 patients with COVID-19 have recovered in the country.

The Italian Ministry of Health takes into account statistics from 20 Italian regions, one of which — Trentino-Alto Adige — provides information from the two autonomous provinces that form it. Thus, cases of infection were recorded in all administrative units of the country.

Italy was among the countries most affected by the pandemic, but the self-isolation regime introduced in the early stages of the spread of the infection helped to contain the epidemic.

On July 28, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte proposed to Parliament to extend the state of emergency imposed in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection until October 15.

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