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With torpedoes at the ready: the US is following Russia in the Mediterranean

The Pentagon sent an atomic submarine to the Eastern Mediterranean to compensate for Russia's buildup in Syria

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The United States is closely monitoring the actions of the Russian military in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This was announced to ABC by the deputy commander of the 6th operational fleet of the U.S. Navy Rear Admiral William Houston, noting that the tracking is performed by the nuclear submarine USS Florida, which is located in the region with a secret mission.

“We follow them very, very carefully ... We follow them every day. We sent a submarine directly to the eastern Mediterranean to compensate for the buildup of Russian forces in Syria,” Houston added.

According to the American rear admiral, “the Russians are very active, and we are active with them.”

In addition, the captain of the submarine Seth Burton claims that one of the eight torpedoes of the submarine is always in the torpedo tube and is ready to fire.

USS Florida is equipped with 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles (1.6 thousand km range) and is one of four Ohio class American submarines that have been converted from strategic nuclear missile submarines to carry cruise missiles.

Also on the submarine is a detachment of marine special forces, for the landing of which a special underwater vehicle is intended.

USS Florida went on a regular patrol in the Eastern Mediterranean after replenishing supplies at the base of Suda Bay on the Greek island of Crete.

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