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The US military was injured in a collision with a Russian patrol in Syria

US army soldiers were injured in a collision with a Russian patrol in Syria, us officials said. The incident occurred in the North-East of Syria. Several people were slightly injured.

It is noted that this happened as a result of an unintentional collision, there was no shooting, reports Reuters. The Pentagon and the Central Command of the US armed forces, which controls US forces in the region, declined to comment.

“Although such interactions between US and Russian forces are not uncommon, this incident reflects the possibility of escalating tensions and risks associated with the actions of troops from both countries in close proximity to each other in Northern Syria,” the newspaper notes.

Earlier, the Russian defense Ministry reported that the Syrian army, with the participation of Russian advisers, conducted an operation from August 18 to 24 to defeat gangs in the Central part of the country, eliminating 327 militants.

At the beginning of the year, direct clashes between the Russian and US militaries began to occur in Syria without the use of weapons. So, the Network has a video of a road incident between the Russian and American military in Syria.

A video was also published from the Syrian province of Hasakeh, where, according to the authors of the video, units of the US armed forces blocked the path of a Russian military convoy in the direction of the settlement of Amuda.

Before that, the US and Russia had difficulties in preventing incidents on the ground in Syria, the Americans did not allow the Russian major General to go to Manbij.

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