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China launched missiles into the South China Sea

China launched missiles into the South China Sea

Rockets landed in the water area between Hainan Island and the Paracel Islands. It is temporarily closed to navigation due to the exercise.

China launched two medium-range ballistic missiles into the South China Sea “as a US warning. This was reported by the South China Morning Post on Wednesday, August 26, citing a source close to the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

We are talking about the Dongfeng-26B and Dongfeng-21D missiles, which can hit both land and sea targets such as aircraft carriers. It is alleged that the first missile was launched from the territory of the northwestern Qinghai province, the second — from the coastal eastern province of Zhejiang. Both landed in a designated area of water between Hainan Island and the Paracel Islands, temporarily closed to navigation due to the exercise.

According to a newspaper source, these launches were intended to have a deterrent effect on the emergence of foreign forces in this region.

“This is China's response to the potential risks posed by the increasing frequency of the appearance of U.S. military aircraft and ships in the South China Sea. China does not want its neighboring countries to misunderstand Beijing's goals,” the source noted.

The Chinese Ministry of Defense has not yet commented on the situation with missile launches. They took place the next day after the Chinese Foreign Ministry made a statement that the U-2 U.S. reconnaissance aircraft allegedly invaded the Chinese airspace in the area of military maneuvers with firing in the Bohai Gulf.

Earlier Wednesday, it became known that the U.S. has included 24 Chinese state companies in the “blacklist” for their role in helping China's armed forces to build and militarize artificial islands in the South China Sea.

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