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Melania Trump's appeal to the nation is being discussed online

In the United States, the election campaign remains one of the main topics on the news agenda. Recall that the next presidential election is scheduled for November 3 of this year, where the main candidates are called Joe Biden from the Democratic Party and the current head of state, Donald Trump, representing the Republicans. The first lady of the United States, 50-year-old Melania Trump, also made a speech yesterday. And her appeal to the nation made a splash.

Melania Trump's appeal to the nation is being discussed online

So, CNN reported that the speech was not approved by anyone from Trump's headquarters, although usually the first lady's appeal is checked by someone in the White House so that its content correlates with the speech of the president himself.

Melania's speech was very different from other speeches at the GOP convention, in which speakers sought to criticize Joe Biden and the “Radical Democrats.” Instead, Melania spoke of the “beautiful side of humanity” she saw during the pandemic, while simultaneously calling for unity.

We must remember that today we are all one community, made up of many races, religions, and ethnic groups. Our rich and legendary history is what makes our country strong. However, we have a lot to learn from each other,

— Trump turned to those present

In addition, Melania did not miss the opportunity to support her husband, assuring voters that he is a worthy candidate.

In the person of my husband, you will have a president who will not stop fighting for you and your family. He loves this country and knows how to get things done. I see how hard he works every day and night, and despite unprecedented media attacks, he will not give up.

— Melania praised her husband.

The first lady's speech caused controversial reactions in society. Many approved of Trump's words, but some celebrities criticized Melania.

Why are they promoting this awful man Melania? She says that it seems as if only yesterday they were at their first convention. Maybe this is so for you, Mel. For the rest of us, every day was a terrible and exhausting ordeal in the ninth circle of hell,

— tweeted Bette Midler.

Just a reminder: Melania Trump doesn't care

— commented on the convention Alyssa Milano, adding to her message a photo of the first lady in the scandalous park from Zara.

Melania's outfit, which she chose for the performance, was also criticized online. A dark olive suit from a jacket with patch pockets and a skirt was compared to a military uniform.

Gestapo, fall-winter season!
She uses fashion in the worst way

— wrote netizens, and also compared the image of the first lady with famous dictators.

But there were also those who liked the speeches at the congress.

What I love about this GOP convention is meeting conservative Americans. I would say they are quite nice, smart, responsive people. This proves that there are many good people who cannot be ignored or punished because of their policies. To be honest, it's touching.

— wrote in his blog, Kirsty Ellie.

The president's youngest daughter, 26-year-old Tiffany Trump, also appeared at the party convention. She also gave a speech and criticized the working methods of modern media.

If you follow the media, then you get this or that preconceived opinion. And if what you want to share does not fit into the picture of the world that they seek to promote, then it is either ignored or considered a “lie”, no matter what the truth is. This manipulation of what information we receive infringes on our freedoms,

— said Tiffany.

Rather than giving Americans the right to shape their own beliefs, this disinformation system keeps people mentally enslaved by ideas they believe are right. This has caused unnecessary fear and discord in our society. My dad doesn't run away from problems — even in the face of outright hatred. Because the fight for America is what he will sacrifice anything for,

— Trump supported her father.

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