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In Europe, cases of re-infection with coronavirus were recorded

Immunity from infection probably only lasts a couple of months

In Belgium and the Netherlands, cases of re-infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 have been identified. Virologists of these countries announced this on Tuesday, August 25, Deutsche Welle reports.

Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, who advises the government of this country, spoke about the secondary infection of an elderly man with weak immunity. According to her, a study of the genome of the virus showed that this is precisely a re-infection and not the consequences of the first infection.

“We know from other respiratory infections that it is impossible to develop immunity to them for life. And we should not expect otherwise in the case of COVID-19,” she said.

In Belgium, a patient contracted the coronavirus for the second time already three months after recovery, local virologist Mark van Ranst said, and 11 mutations were found in the second strain of the virus.

“This is bad news,” he said, noting that he was hoping for longer immunity than a couple of months.

We previously reported that in Hong Kong, a man who recovered from coronavirus became infected again 4.5 months after the first infection. This is the first documented case of COVID-19 reinfection. This discovery of scientists suggests that the disease can continue to spread, despite herd immunity.

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