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Finland wants to shorten the working day

At the same time, Finnish incomes should remain at the same level.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has named cutting the eight-hour workday to six as one of her top priorities. She said this during a speech dedicated to her election as chairman of the Social Democratic Party, reports the Finnish edition of the Helsinki Times.

In a keynote speech to her fellow party members, the prime minister said that the ruling party must create a “clear vision and concrete plan” for the transition to shorter working hours and better working life in Finland.

“We cannot abandon our goal of reducing working hours, and this does not contradict our other goal — higher levels of employment and stability of the state economy,” said Marin.

She added that research shows that people who work six hours are worthy of the same pay as they are for an eight-hour day.

“One way to distribute wealth fairly is to improve working conditions and shorten working hours in a way that does not affect income levels,” said the Finnish Prime Minister.

As the newspaper notes, Sanna Marin put forward the idea of reducing the working day and switching to a four-day working week even before she became prime minister. She also believes this could boost employment in the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

We previously reported that amid the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and widespread social distancing in Finland, the Levi town in Lapland has decided to host the world's first tree-hugging championship.

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