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In Texas and Louisiana, 585,000 people should be evacuated due to hurricane Laura

Authorities in Texas and Louisiana ordered the evacuation of approximately 585,000 local residents in connection with the approach of hurricane Laura, which is still in the Gulf of Mexico. This was reported on Tuesday by the Associated Press.

As it notes, about 385 thousand people must leave coastal cities in Texas, about 200 thousand — in Louisiana.

On Tuesday, tropical storm Laura strengthened to a hurricane. The wind speed within the atmospheric phenomenon is about 33.5 m / s and continues to grow. The hurricane is moving Northwest at a speed of 7.1 m/s.

According to the latest estimates from the national hurricane watch center, “Laura” will reach the coast of Texas and Louisiana on Wednesday. By this time, the hurricane may have strengthened to the third degree out of five possible on the Saffir — Simpson scale. This means that we are talking about wind gusts of such force that trees can be felled and buildings damaged.

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