Apple will open its first store on the water in Singapore

Apple will open its first store on the water in Singapore

The company said that the store will comply with all security measures established in the country because of the coronavirus.

Apple plans to open the Apple Store in Singapore, which will be on the water. The representative of Apple confirmed to the local edition of The Straits Times that it is the first Apple store on the water in the world.

“It will be a place where you can explore, communicate and create something new,” — says the website of the American company.

The new store will be located in a giant glowing ball in the dark, on the waterfront in Marina Bay. It will be called Apple Marina Bay Sands and will be part of the hotel complex of the same name.

The new store is called the “lantern in the bay”:
“At night the sphere shines with gentle warmth, reminiscent of the design of traditional lanterns of the festival, which is held in mid-autumn in Singapore”.

The store will comply with strict security measures, including restrictions on the number of visitors, mandatory wearing of masks and strict requirements for sanitary treatment, as well as other Apple stores in Singapore.

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