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Turkey has found an analog of the Colosseum

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient structure in Turkey that looks like the Colosseum. She was found in the ancient city of Mastaura, her age is estimated at 2,700 years.

It is noted that the “Turkish Colosseum” was hidden by olive and fig groves. Its radius was about 100 meters, and the height of the walls reached 14-15 meters. It was discovered thanks to the notes of European travelers who visited these places about 200 years ago.

“When we examined the records of these travelers, we saw that they provide very interesting information about Mastaura. Our attention was attracted by an interesting record that there was an amphitheater in Mastaura, ” said the head of the excavation Sedat Akurnaz.

Scientists note that there are seven amphitheaters from the Roman period in Anatolia, but they have hardly survived. Moreover, the previously discovered amphitheaters resemble a crescent in shape, and the new find resembles the Colosseum.

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