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Claudia Schiffer has shown how she celebrates her 50th birthday

August 25, supermodel Claudia Schiffer celebrates her 50th anniversary. On her Instagram page, the star has already published a video in which she blows out candles on her birthday cake.

Claudia also shared her reflections on what it would be like to celebrate a half-century anniversary.

I am very lucky that I love what I do. I also think that age should be celebrated and respected. It is not for nothing that on our birthday we always have parties and cake — this is how I feel about getting older and older.

I am so happy that I'm turning 50 and I've never felt more confident and happy in my life. I'm not trying to look or feel younger, I accept the present with open arms,

— has written a model.

Schiffer began preparations for the anniversary in advance — last week she willingly parsed archives and shared with subscribers children's photos, her first cover, and old videos.

Claudia Schiffer has shown how she celebrates her 50th birthday

Claudia also continued the tour of her dressing room. A few months ago she already showed some of the unique outfits in her collection. On her birthday, the model continued this story.

Now she shows a Balmain dress made especially for her (this is what she is celebrating her birthday in) and Versace boots she wore for the brand's campaign in 1994, and her Chanel bag collection.

Recall that in the 90s, Schiffer was one of the muses of creative Director Karl Lagerfeld, often took part in shows and regularly filmed for advertising campaigns of the French brand.

Claudia, who has three children: 17-year-old Casper, 15-year-old Clementine, and 10-year-old Cosima, used to speak very calmly about her age, calling aging “a natural process”.

At one time, I heard many wonderful compliments. But then you go to the next stage of life and just move on. You don't have to be called beautiful all your life. It's a good memory, but then the next generation comes.

It is a natural thing for me to give in, not to be envious or jealous. I can't think of anything worse than if you said: "There is a magic pill that will make you look 20 years old again",

Schiffer admitted.

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