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Trump said he is “absolutely sure” of winning the presidential election in 2020

The start of the election campaign in the United States will be given in 13 weeks — February 3 — in Iowa

Photo: REUTERS / Joshua Roberts

US President Donald Trump, who is already ready to impeach the White House, said on Sunday that he was “completely confident” in his victory in the presidential election, which will be held exactly one year later — on November 3, 2020. The conversation of the American leader with journalists on the South Lawn of the White House was broadcast by American news broadcasters.

The head of state was asked if he was confident that he could be re-elected for a second term. “I’m absolutely sure. Everything is very good according to the polls,” the head of state said. “People don’t want to hear about impeachment. The only one who wants to talk about impeachment is the false media and the Democrats, who mainly work for these media. I look at it so that the Democrats work with the media,” Trump added.

The start of the election campaign in the United States will be given in 13 weeks — February 3 — in Iowa, where the first caucus in the country will be held — meetings of party activists at which delegates will be elected first to local party conferences of Democrats and Republicans, then to a state conference, and then — to national congresses. In the state of New Hampshire on February 11, the country's first primary elections will be held, which differ from the pre-election meetings in that they elect delegates immediately to the national congress.

The name of Trump’s rival in the presidential campaign will be known at the National Congress of the Democratic Party, which will be held July 13-16, 2020 in Milwaukee (Wisconsin). Republicans will hold their election congress from August 24 to 27, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

On election day, a presidential candidate will need to enlist the votes of 270 members of an electoral college of 538 members to win. In accordance with the tradition existing since 1937, the inauguration of the new US president will take place at noon on January 20, 2021.

Recall that the current US President Donald Trump did not greatly appreciate the participants in the debate. During the broadcast of the first debate, he wrote on his page on Twitter: “Boring.”

As we already wrote, the former vice president of Joe Biden is considered the main rival of Trump. According to a poll by The Hill, among all Democratic candidates, he has the support of 35% of the party’s electorate.

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