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In Argentina, the record for the number of coronavirus infections per day

Argentine doctors detected 8,731 cases of coronavirus infection per day, which is the highest increase since the beginning of the pandemic. As the Ministry of Health of the Republic reported on Monday, the total number of those infected reached 350 867. The previous anti-record for the number of infections — 8 225 — was set on August 20.

The number of confirmed deaths per day due to the consequences of infection with coronavirus also became the highest since the beginning of the pandemic — 381. Taking them into account, the total number of deaths reached 7 366. Earlier, more than 283 deaths of patients with coronavirus per day were not registered in the country.

To date, 256 789 people have recovered.

On March 3, Argentine authorities confirmed the country's first case of coronavirus infection. On March 20, quarantine was introduced in the republic. On June 4, it was announced that the regime of mandatory social isolation was replaced by less stringent restrictions in most regions. In the capital and its suburbs, quarantine with a number of indulgences has been extended until at least August 30.

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