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TOP-10 varieties of exotic teas for gourmets

Some people see tea as a way to quench their thirst or drink a sandwich. But there are also true connoisseurs for whom tea drinking is a special ritual and a way to abandon the mundane, tune in a philosophical mood, enjoy the unique taste and aesthetics of the drink.

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1. Gemmaitya

This is the name of a variety of green tea, to which particles of dark rice are added, thanks to which it has an increased energy return and a peculiar aroma of fried rice groats. This type of tea was especially popular among the poor in Japan. It is brewed with water heated to 80-85C and infused for 3-5 minutes.

2. Thai blue

This tea is made from the Clitoria flower, and when brewed, a little lemon juice is added to it, after which the drink gradually acquires a raspberry color, and the taste becomes slightly sour and slightly viscous. Its use is believed to improve vision. Tea is brewed with boiling water and then infused for no longer than 3 minutes. One cup requires 7 to 10 flowers.

3. Hermit water

This same type of tea is also known under the names “Spirit of Water” and “Narcissus”. In the finished form, the drink has a noble brown color, reminiscent of cognac, in which you can see golden sparks. The taste has something in common with dark chocolate. The opinions of connoisseurs differ about the aroma: everyone catches something of their own in it: some are motives of cocoa, others are features of exotic fruits, etc. This variety of Chinese tea is capable of withstanding up to 5 infusions without loss of quality, you just need to increase the infusion time. At the first brewing, it should not exceed 10 seconds.

4. Milk oolong

This tea is produced in the mountains of Taiwan. After harvest, the leaves are processed with milk extract. As a result, the tea acquires a light creamy flavor, which is highly appreciated by fans of this variety. Many are sure that by using it regularly you can lose weight and achieve a rejuvenating effect.

It should be brewed in porcelain dishes. Insist — exactly one minute.

5. Gunpowder

Another name for this variety is Green Pearl. The tea leaves are tightly twisted sheets, resembling black pearls (as the Chinese believe) or granules of black powder (such an association arises among the British). When put into hot water, the tea granules are transformed into strands, creating an intricate pattern. The final flavor does not appear immediately, evolving from green cereal to fruity. Good for the thyroid gland. Do not use boiling water when brewing. The first brewing serves only for washing the tea, then the water must be drained and the tea must be brewed again.

6. Exotic red tea with lychee flavor and aroma

When drying the tea leaf for this variety, it is sprayed with the juice of the Chinese lychee plum. It is the juice of this tropical fruit that gives the drink an unusual aroma, color, and special taste. Reminiscent of regular tea with raspberries and/or currants. Helps improve immunity. The first infusion should be drained to remove tea dust. Then brew again and leave for 5 to 60 seconds.

7. Honey Orchid

The name of this variety reflects its unusual and very pleasant taste, which combines motives of spices and sweet berries with the aroma of tropical flowers. Leaves a long aftertaste. Popular among fans of a healthy lifestyle due to its high content of vitamins. It can withstand up to 10 infusions, but after each spill, it needs to be shaken.

8. Turkish tea

The base for this aromatic drink is a combination of floral and fruit ingredients, which contains dried pieces of pear, apple, hibiscus (also used for hibiscus), and other ingredients. Has a tart and rich taste. It is brewed in a special two-chamber teapot, where water is boiled in the lower compartment, which is then poured into the upper chamber, where brewing takes place.

9. Ivan tea

Russian brew, which was very popular before classical Chinese tea appeared on the territory of the country. For its preparation, the herb “Ivan-tea” is used, which contains many substances useful for the human body. Not only pleasant to the taste but quite officially recognized as a medicinal drink. It is brewed in boiling water, after which it is infused for 10 to 15 minutes. Stir additionally before use, preferably without removing the lids.

10. Mate

This variety is native to Paraguay. It contains a lot of caffeine, thanks to which the drink invigorates perfectly. It has a rather exotic taste "for an amateur", a kind of combination of bitterness and sweetness. It is brewed in a specially designed "calabash" jug. First, it is moistened by a third with water heated to 80C (but no more!), Then a boil (a special tube) is immersed in the tea leaves and the calabash is poured to the top.

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