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More than 70 containers of chemicals found in the port of Beirut

Lebanese army personnel has found 79 containers with dangerous chemicals, the name of which has not yet been disclosed, on the territory of the seaport of Beirut. This was reported by the army press service.

“A special unit of engineering forces, together with a group of French experts, during a survey of the port territory from 14 to 22 August, first found 25 containers with potentially hazardous chemicals, and then another 54 containers,” the statement said. It emphasizes that the military “has taken all necessary precautions, given that the leakage of chemicals is a threat to life.”

Lebanese judge Fadi Sawwan is investigating the August 4 explosion in the seaport of Beirut. On his order, after interrogations, 19 officials were arrested, including the director-general of the port of Beirut, Hasan Kreitham, and the head of the customs service, Badri Daher.

Lebanese lawyer Bushra Khalil, a member of the International Union of Lawyers, said that the person responsible for the criminal negligence that caused the explosion could be sentenced to death. “The scale of the consequences of the tragedy is such that the perpetrators can be sentenced to capital punishment,” she said.

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