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The court blocked Trump's decree banning entry for migrants without medical insurance

Seven US citizens and nonprofit organization filed a lawsuit

Photo: Business Insider

A federal judge in Portland, Oregon has suspended the entry into force of a decree from US President Donald Trump, who was denied entry to migrants unable to pay medical bills.

The court made the corresponding interim decision on November 2, on the eve of the beginning of the new rules, DW reports.

At the same time, it is still unknown when the judge will issue a permanent decision instead of an interim order.

Seven US citizens and a nonprofit organization filed a lawsuit. They believed that Trump's decree would interfere with the arrival of two-thirds of potential legal migrants, as well as significantly reduce the number of people entering the country on family visas. “The ban, which takes effect in the evening, would divide families and reduce by two-thirds the number of migrants arriving on the basis of a green card,” said Esther Song, a spokeswoman for Justice Action, who represented the plaintiffs.

Trump's ban should only apply to people who apply for immigrant visas to enter the country but not to those who are already in the United States. Also, this rule does not apply to persons holding a residence permit in the United States, asylum seekers, refugees, and children. At the same time, this rule applies to parents, husbands, and wives of American citizens. The White House emphasized that too many non-US citizens have benefited from “generous healthcare programs.”

According to the Institute for Migration Policy, in 2017, 57 percent of U.S. migrants had a private health insurance contract, while the number of insured people born in the United States in this way was 69 percent. At the same time, 30 percent of migrants and 36 percent of those born in the country had state insurance.

Earlier, Donald Trump, by his decree, introduced new measures to control the flow of migrants who want to seek refuge in the United States. Under the new rules, migrants who want to obtain asylum or temporary work in the United States will be able to do this if they pay for a faster application.

In addition, in the United States, authorities intend to collect DNA samples from migrants and asylum seekers for inclusion in a database that contains information about criminals.

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